Since 2005, Iron Mountain Armory has been dedicated to the traditional craftsmanship of Samurai armor, clothing, and accessories, upholding a philosophy that emphasizes quality over quantity. Every piece of yoroi (armor) is uniquely and custom handcrafted by our expert kachushi (samurai armorers), tailored specifically for each order. Our commitment to authenticity and excellence ensures that every product from Iron Mountain Armory undergoes thorough research and development, followed by rigorous battlefield testing, ensuring they meet the standards of modern warriors. Discover the excellence of Iron Mountain Armory’s yoroi and accessories in action by viewing our trailer:

YouTube Samurai Armor Combat Training Iron Mountain ArmoryReproduction Samurai Armor in Action 

Founded in June 2001, Little Star Enterprises, Inc. ( is a sanctuary for the modern man who seeks to embody the spirit and valor of a samurai. Our mission is to forge not just authentically crafted Samurai Armor, clothing, and accessories, but to create a symbol of power, legacy, and personal triumph. Each piece we meticulously handcraft is a testament to the individual affluent, modern warrior’s journey, aligning with the unwavering principles of Bushido – the revered Samurai code.

We delve deep into history to ensure that every full-sized, functional reproduction of samurai yoroi (armor), clothing, and accessory we produce meets the exacting standards of “museum quality”. Our skilled armorers and artisan crafters are committed to transcending the expectations of martial artists training in the ancient budo combat arts, LARP enthusiasts, Japanese COSPLAY artists, and historical reenactors, all united in their quest for the most authentic and illustrious samurai artifacts.  All in which are fully customizable, tailored to reflect and embody the unique personal character of every individual client.

Our devotion to sustaining the rich tradition and culture of the Samurai resonates in every facet of our work. Annually, we journey to meet with our artisans and forge stronger relationships, share new techniques, and imbibe the essence of ancient Japan’s armory art. This dedication has crowned us the premier choice for budo martial artists, historical reenactors, as well as film, television, and museum curators seeking authentic, hands-on samurai displays.

Embrace the opportunity to manifest your warrior spirit. Whether for martial arts training, historical reenactment, LARP, COSPLAY, a statement piece in your home decor, or as the centerpiece of your man cave, our Gendai Samurai Armor, yoroi parts, clothing, and accessories stand as a beacon of your strength, affluence, and warrior ethos. Our detailed representations and descriptions adhere to the highest academic standards, offering you an authentic experience across four distinct classes of Samurai Armor. Join the ranks of the Iron Mountain Clan, a brotherhood of modern warriors across the globe, united in honoring and preserving the legendary art of the Samurai.

All of our reproduction Samurai Armoryoroi parts, clothing and accessories are full sized, wearable, historically accurate and combat ready. We always try to show detailed pictures and describe our products in terms which are most generally accepted by the academic community. We offer most reproduction Samurai Armor suits in FOUR DIFFERENT CLASSES:


Tatami Armor (Folding Armor) (19)

Kachi Samurai Armor (Basic Quality) (22)

Gashira Samurai Armor (Mid Quality) (42)

Taisho Samurai Armor (High Quality) (31)

Daimyo Samurai Armor (Deluxe Quality) (11)

Kabuto (Samurai Helmet) (49)

Maedate (Helmet Crests) (6)

Do (Chest Armor) (24)

Samurai Armor Parts (16)

Menpo (Samurai Mask) (17)

Samurai Clothing (39)

Samurai Accessories (41)

Armaments (9)

DIY & Parts (26)

Samurai Decor & Gifts (17)

Displays & Stands (14)

Stock & Sales (57)