Introducing Kachi Samurai Armor, Iron Mountain Armory entry level gendai modern samurai armor, renowned for its affordability. Perfect for Samurai Cosplay & Samurai LARP Armor.

Also known as “munition quality armor,” our Kachi Class caters to modern warriors seeking economical yet authentic samurai armor for COSPLAY and LARP.

Balancing modern techniques with select synthetic materials, the Kachi Class samurai armor set achieves a delicate balance, ensuring both durability and affordability. This meticulous approach preserves the timeless aesthetic of traditional samurai armor.

Like our higher quality yoroi (armor), the Kachi class features full custom-sized tailoring, a spectrum of colors, materials, and embellishments, similar to our higher-quality yoroi.

Experience affordability without compromising authenticity – buy your Kachi Samurai Armor now. Take your Samurai COSPLAY & Samurai LARP experience to a whole new level. Embrace the modern warrior spirit & join the Iron Mountain Clan!

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