Ignite your warrior spirit with Tatami Gusoku – the samurai standard of lightweight, portable folding armor worn by Samurai, Ashigaru, and the legendary Shinobi (Ninja).  Dive into the realm of authentic protection for both over clothing armor and under clothing concealed armor.

A full Tatami Gusoku set, featuring components like Tatami Do (cuirass), Tatami Katabira (Armored Jacket), Karuta Tatami Zukin (Armored Hood), and Waki-biki (Armpit Armor), embodies the essence of a versatile, practical, and auxiliary armor.

Unleash your inner warrior and explore the art of true comfortable, lightweight protection armor. Elevate your martial arts training safety, LARP points and historical accuracy of your samurai armor now! 🔥🛡️

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