Explore our Gashira Class Samurai Armor sets, Iron Mountain Armory mid-level gendai (modern) armor model. Our Gashira Samurai Armor is tailored for Modern Warriors desiring a more robust armor set, featuring more traditional details found in authentic samurai armor. The Gashira armor is perfect for budo martial arts, combat training, historical reenactments samurai LARP and collectors wanting to display a more historically accurate yoroi (armor).

Meticulously handcrafted, Gashira class armor blends modern and traditional methods, bridging the gap between Kachi and Taisho Class armor. Ideal for collectors and historical enthusiasts seeking more historically accurate yoroi. Each armor set is full-sized, fully functional, customizable, and available for sale.

Embrace your inner modern warrior spirit, order your own samurai armor set on sale now & join the Iron Mountain Clan!

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