Customs offices in some countries or regions require the importer of record to provide a particular form of identification before releasing a shipment. You may be required to provide an identification number such as a Unique Identification Number, CPF, or Tax ID.

Countries / regions that require an identification number include, but are not limited to: Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Israel, Nicaragua, Peru, Qatar, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, UK and USA.

Items sold on the Website and shipped to locations both inside and outside the US, including territories, may be subject to tax. The amount of tax charged on your order depends on many factors including but not limited to the following:

– The type of item or service purchased
– The time and location of fulfillment
– The shipment or delivery address of your order

These factors can change between the time you place an order and when your shipment is complete. As a result, the tax owed on your order may change.

Please Note:
No tax is charged when purchasing gift cards; however, purchases paid for with gift cards may be subject to tax.