Below we have listed several helpful pages on our site that will help you understand samurai armor,  including a Glossary of Terms, Detailed Explanations and Comparisons of Armor Parts, the correct ways to Wear and Display Samurai Armor, and a Gallery with detailed images of our armors, both being crafted and after completion.

Our Glossary lists numerous terms relating to the armor, clothing and culture of the samurai. Many of our products contain Japanese words and explanations you may be unfamiliar with, so you can look them up here!

Many of our products have numerous options, both for design and styling. This page goes over the various options associated with each piece of samurai armor, as well as looking at the paint and design options we offer on our products.

We offer our Samurai Armor’s in three different classes: Kachi, Gashira and Taisho. These classes have multiple differences between them, so we have created an easy-to-understand guide for these. Split up into “Kachi VS Gashira” and “Gashira VS Taisho”, these side-by-side comparisons will make ordering armor an easy and informative process!

Samurai Armor’s can be a little difficult to put on just right, so we have created this helpful guide to help with this process.

Samurai Armor’s can also be displayed in a “sitting up” style on top of a Yoroi Bitsu, allowing you to display your impressive suit of armor neatly and efficiently.

(Yoroi Bitsu come FREE with Gashira and Taisho Class Suits, and can be ordered for a small extra fee with Kachi Class Suits. We also sell them individually HERE. All Bitsu come with a wooden armor stand.)

A gallery of our various products across all Armor Classes, as well images of armor being crafted at the Iron Mountain Armory and photos of our armors in action on the battlefield!

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