Since 2001, (Little Star Enterprises, Inc) has been the leading online retailer of authentically crafted and customizable Samurai Armor, swords, clothing and accessories. It continues to be an honor to share our passion for the history and culture of the Samurai and their armor. We are proud to offer a full line of authentic, handmade reproduction Japanese Samurai Armor (Yoroi), Samurai helmets (Kabuto), clothing (Buke-fuku), weapons (Bushi buki) and accessories from the world-renowned Iron Mountain Armory and their amazing armor katchû-shi  (armor smith).

We are dedicated in keeping the tradition and culture of the Samurai alive…

It is our honor to be part of preserving samurai art, culture of the Samurai and the armorers of ancient Japan. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to our products and our clients. As part of our commitment we travel annually to meet with our artisans and armory to share information, new techniques and maintain relationships, to ensure our armorers and artisan crafters receive the support they need and our clients receive the quality they deserve. For this we’ve become the #1 source for budo martial artists, samurai historical reenactors, samurai LARP and COSPLAY, as well as movie, tv series and even museums wanting authentic reproductions for hands on displays.  We have Modern Warriors around the world, who have joined the Iron Mountain Clan and hope you join our modern warrior clan too!

All of our Gendai Samurai Armoryoroi parts, clothing and accessories are full sized, wearable, historically accurate and combat ready. We always try to show detailed pictures and describe our products in terms which are most generally accepted by the academic community. We offer most reproduction Samurai Armor suits in FOUR DIFFERENT CLASSES:

Kachi (Foot Soldier Class)

Kachi (Foot Soldier):
Quickly handmade with some attention to detail. Perfect for the samurai on a budget.

Crafting Time: 15 to 20 Days

Materials Used: Bowl-style kabuto, steel construction, hemp, brocade, cotton, nylon, minimal fittings, faux leather and faux hair.  (materials may differ depending on model)

Our “Kachi Class” armor was known as “munition quality armor” and is or basic model, offered in response to our many clients who want to own a suit of Samurai armor but at a more economical price. This class of armor is crafted using more simple, modern techniques and tools, made with economical synthetic materials.  The basic design lacks a removable nose, some brass fittings and some riveting. It also lacks the padding under the shoulders and back to make the armor more comfortable; however this padding can be added separately.  Because the armor is made more quickly, there may be slight blemishes in the paint and lacing.

The Kachi class features a basic but still traditional Gendai design.  Modern material, tools, techniques are used to make this yoroi more economical.

Gashira (Officer Class)

Gashira (Officer):
Expertly handmade with all quality materials and good attention to detail.

Crafting Time: 25 to 35 Days.

Materials Used: Bowl style kabuto, steel construction, traditional brocade, hemp, quality cotton, brass & copper fittings with genuine leather. (materials may differ depending on model)

Our “Gashira Class” yoroi are the next step up from our “Kachi Class” and are handcrafted by our experienced katchû-shi (armor smith) at the Iron Mountain Armory, using quality materials and traditional crafting methods with some modern techniques and tools. Much like the Taisho Class, each suit has been heavily researched, and a lot of care is put into their historical accuracy. However, the principle difference between the Gashira-class and Taisho-class, is that the Gashira Class is crafted with the typical bowl-style kabuto (simulated laminate) which was common for the average samurai. Our Gashira Class samurai armor is made specifically for collectors, exhibitions, re-enactors, martial artists who want an authentic samurai suit of armor without the added expenses of a more traditional design and crafting methods.

The Gashira class features a more traditional Gendai design over kachi class and include features such as, real animal hair, genuine leather, removable / interchangeable nose, brass fittings, shoulder padding with kikko (armor plating), opposable thumbs, leg support on haidate, extra materials, fittings, riveting, lacing and included storage / display box (hitsu) with stand.

Taisho (Commander Class)

Taisho (Commander Class) Armors:
 are masterfully handmade, completely from high-quality, traditional materials, with great attention to detail & historical accuracy.

Average Crafting Time: 45 to 60 Days.

Materials Used: Laminated style kabuto, high quality steel, traditional brocades, hemp, quality cotton, art silk, brass & copper fittings with genuine leather. (materials may differ depending on model)

Our “Taisho Class” Armor is the next step up from our “Gashira Class” and the same yoroi many stores sell in Japan. Each suit is meticulously handcrafted by the most experienced katchû-shi of the Iron Mountain Armory, using the highest quality materials and most traditional methods possible. Each suit has been researched and modeled after actual samurai armor in private collections or museums, so they can be accurate and detailed in every way. For example, a single helmet can consist of over 32 different hand-spliced steel plates, individually riveted together. Even the most tiny detail of sewing kikko (small armor plates) in the shoulder and neck padding, adding for extra protection, while keeping comfort and flexibility. This class of samurai armor is made specifically for private collectors, museums, historical re-enactors, martial artists and those who demand the highest detail and quality.

The Taisho class features a more traditional design over the “Gashira Class” and include features such as more traditional crafting techniques, laminated kabuto, art silk lacing, more traditional, more detailed fittings, higher quality materials and highest level of attention to detail / quality.

Daimyo (Warlord Class)

Daimyo (Warlord Class) Armors
are exceptionally handcrafted, from fine-quality materials and with great attention to detail.

Average Crafting Time:
 45 to 65 Days.

Materials Used: Quality steel, traditional brocade, high quality hemp, high quality cotton, brass & copper fittings and other quality materials. (Materials may differ depending on model.)

Our masterwork Daimyo Class Armors are traditional Edo Era design, crafted to be beautiful works of art and until recently where only sold in Japan. In the Edo Period, the Daimyo spent much of their wealth on embellishing their armor, making it more decorative and less functional. Our Daimyo Class series suits, although fully functional, focus more on beauty than battle readiness. We use a mixture of genuine and luxury synthetic materials to help add an unmatched luster and shine to these striking artisan armors.

The Iron Mountain Armory traditionally handcrafts Samurai armor, clothing and accessories with honor and integrity.  We believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, each piece of armor, clothing and/or accessory is handcrafted by our skilled kachushi (armorer) at the time of your order. All products handcrafted by Iron Mountain Armory are researched, developed, then battlefield tested and warrior approved.
Ask around and you will find our samurai yoroi, accessories, clothing used in major motion pictures, tv shows, collections and by samurai LARP, samurai Cosplay, Samurai Martial Artists and Samurai Historical Re-enactors worldwide, just to name a few.  Because our armour and clothing are historically accurate and so well made, we have a great reputation with samurai LARP, samurai cosplay and budo martial artists.
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All of the samurai armor, parts, accessories and samurai clothing are researched and reproduced by the Iron Mountain Armory to make certain we provide our Modern Warrior clients who are collectors, movie /tv series studios, historical re-enactors, Budo Martial Artists, LARP and COSPLAY enthusiasts have the most economically priced, with historically accurate, custom handmade items with traditional world class customer service and worldwide delivery.