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The Iron Mountain Armory has been traditionally handcrafting Samurai armor, clothing, and accessories since 2005 and believes in quality over quantity. Therefore, each yoroi (armor) is custom handcrafted by our skilled kachushi (samurai armorer) at the time of your order. All products traditionally handcrafted by Iron Mountain Armory are researched, developed, then battlefield tested and modern warrior approved. Please view this trailer to see Iron Mountain Armory yoroi and accessories in action:

YouTube Samurai Armor Combat Training Iron Mountain Armory

Little Star Enterprises, Inc. (Samurai Armor) was formed in June 2001 with a mission to provide the most authentically-crafted, reproduction Samurai Armor, clothing, & accessories with traditional customer service, at the best possible price.  We carefully research every item we handcraft to make certain our full sized / functional reproduction samurai yoroi (armour), samurai clothing & accessories are museum quality. Our armorers and skilled artisan crafters always aim to exceed the high standards of martial artists who train in budo combat arts, historical reenactors and of course LARP and Japanese COSPLAY demanding the best and most authentic samurai items. 

We are dedicated in keeping the tradition and culture of the Samurai alive…

It is our honor to be part of preserving samurai art, culture of the Samurai and the armorers of ancient Japan. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to our products and our clients. As part of our commitment we travel annually to meet with our artisans and armory to share information, new techniques and maintain relationships, to ensure our armorers and artisan crafters receive the support they need and our clients receive the quality they deserve. For this we’ve become the #1 source for budo martial artists, samurai historical reenactors, samurai LARP and COSPLAY, as well as movie, tv series and even museums wanting authentic reproductions for hands on displays.  We have Modern Warriors around the world, who have joined the Iron Mountain Clan and hope you join our modern warrior clan too!

All of our Gendai Samurai Armor, yoroi parts, clothing and accessories are full sized, wearable, historically accurate and combat ready. We always try to show detailed pictures and describe our products in terms which are most generally accepted by the academic community. We offer most reproduction Samurai Armor suits in FOUR DIFFERENT CLASSES:

Kachi (Foot Soldier Class)

Kachi (Foot Soldier):
Economically handmade with careful attention to detail, we use modern materials and techniques to create quality armor at an unbeatable price. Perfect for the modern warrior on a budget or those looking for an affordable yet historically accurate costume for their next big event.

Crafting Time: 15 to 20 Days

Materials Used: Bowl-style kabuto, steel construction, hemp, brocade, cotton, nylon, minimal fittings, faux leather, and faux hair. (Materials may differ depending on model)

Our "Kachi Class" armor, known as “munition quality armor,” is our basic entry-level model. This style was typically loaned by the Daimyo to low-ranking samurai or ashigaru during military campaigns. Iron Mountain Armory offers this class in response to many clients who wish to own a custom samurai armor set while staying on budget. This class is crafted using simpler, modern materials, techniques, and tools, yet it remains true to traditional designs.

The Kachi suit comes standard with basic shoulder support, a non-removable nose, faux fur mustache, faux leather, nylon lacing, hemp material, simulated chain mail, and basic rivets. Depending on the model, certain features can be added for an extra fee, such as padded shoulders, brass fittings, riveting, and art silk.

The Kachi class features a basic yet traditional Gendai design. While some features are more basic, modern materials, tools, and techniques are used to craft this yoroi more economical. Adjustments can be made, and most parts can be upgraded or replaced over time to achieve a Gashira level quality armor set. Because the armor is made quickly and with less attention to detail, there may be slight blemishes or defects in the paint, lacing, stitching, or other details. For a higher quality suit with better attention to these details, we recommend upgrading to a Gashira class samurai armor set if your budget allows.

Gashira (Officer Class)

Gashira (Officer):
Expertly handmade from a mixture of quality traditional and modern materials, as well as some modern crafting process. This class of armor is crafted with a good attention to detail.

Crafting Time: 25 to 35 Days.

Materials Used: Bowl style kabuto, steel construction, traditional brocade, hemp, quality cotton, brass, copper fittings with genuine leather & and some synthetic materials might be used. (materials may differ depending on model)

Our “Gashira Class” yoroi represents the next level up from our “Kachi Class.” Each suit is meticulously handcrafted by our experienced katchû-shi (armor smiths) at Iron Mountain Armory. These artisans pour their warrior spirit into every piece, using quality materials and traditional crafting methods, complemented by modern techniques, tools, and design advancements. Like the Taisho Class, each suit is heavily researched and crafted with great care for historical accuracy. The principal difference between the Gashira and Taisho classes is that the Gashira Class is crafted with a practical bowl-style kabuto (simulated laminate) and some machine-stamped parts. The Gashira Class also features subtle modern enhancements, such as grommets and spot welding, making the armor more robust and easier to maintain. Our Gashira Class samurai armor is made for collectors, exhibitions, re-enactors, and martial artists who desire an authentic “Gendai” samurai suit of armor without the additional expenses associated with the more traditional design and handcrafting methods of our Taisho Class.

The Gashira Class features a more traditional Gendai design compared to the Kachi Class and includes features such as real animal hair, genuine leather, a removable or interchangeable nose, brass fittings, shoulder padding with kikko (armor plating), traditional butted mail, opposable thumbs, leg/waist support on haidate, extra materials, fittings, riveting, grommets, additional lacing options, and an included armor storage/display box (yoroi bitsu) with stand. The attention to detail is a significant step up from the Kachi Class. However, due to the handcrafted nature of many parts, there may be some blemishes that pass through our QC process. Although we strive to avoid and correct these blemishes, they are a natural occurrence in handcrafting. Taisho Class suits will have fewer, if any, of these blemishes due to the high standards and meticulous review processes.

Taisho (Commander Class)

Taisho (Commander Class) Armors:
These suits are masterfully handcrafted using high-quality, predominantly traditional materials, with minimal use of modern components. They are meticulously designed with great attention to detail and historical accuracy, making them ideal for the esteemed Taisho (general) who leads his samurai into battle.

Average Crafting Time: 45 to 60 Days.

Materials Used: Laminated style kabuto, high quality steel, traditional brocades, hemp, quality cotton, art silk, brass & copper fittings with genuine leather. (materials may differ depending on model)

Our “Taisho Class” Armor is a significant step up from our “Gashira Class,” and since 2018, it was only available in Japan. Each suit is meticulously handcrafted by our most experienced katchû-shi (armor smiths) here at Iron Mountain Armory. We use the highest quality materials and the most traditional methods possible, ensuring each piece is faithfully replicated from antique samurai armor acquired by Iron Mountain Armory. This dedication ensures they are as accurate and detailed as the originals in every way. Each plate is individually cut, shaped, smoothed, cleaned, and riveted or laced by hand, with minimal use of machines. This class of samurai armor is designed for private collectors, museums, movies, historical re-enactors, martial artists, and those who demand the highest detail and quality.

The Taisho Class features a more traditional design compared to the Gashira Class, achievable only through meticulous handcrafting. Key features include a laminated kabuto (helmet made up of five or more plates, handcrafted and assembled), art silk lacing, more detailed fittings, higher quality materials, and the highest level of attention to detail and quality. Due to the handcrafted nature of the armor, there might be some minor natural blemishes; however, our quality control review is more stringent than that for the Gashira Class, resulting in fewer (if any) issues.

Highlighting the superior handcrafting skills, advanced metalworking, precise hand sewing, and relentless attention to detail, our artisans pour their passion for perfection into each piece, making the Taisho Class the most historically accurate reproduction samurai armor set on the market today at the most reasonable price. Although more expensive than other classes, if you desire the ultimate in historical accuracy and sengoku (warring state) armor functionality, the Taisho Class is the best option available.

Daimyo (Lord Class)

Daimyo (Lord Class) Armors:

These suits are masterfully crafted from traditional Edo designs, blending high-quality traditional and modern materials with both traditional and contemporary crafting techniques. They are meticulously crafted with heightened attention to detail and handwork, creating a luxurious samurai armor set fit for a Daimyo.

Average Crafting Time: 60 to 95 Days.

Materials Used: Bowl or laminated style kabuto, high-quality steel, traditional brocades, hemp, quality cotton, art silk, brass & copper alloy fittings with genuine leather. (Materials may differ depending on model)

“Daimyo Class”

Our masterwork Daimyo Class Armors are traditional Edo Era designs, crafted to be exquisite works of art that were until recently only sold in Japan. In the Edo Period, the Daimyo invested heavily in embellishing their armor sets, prioritizing decoration over functionality.

Our Daimyo Class series suits, while fully functional, emphasize beauty over battle readiness. We use a blend of traditional and modern luxury materials to meet the highest expectations of a Daimyo, ensuring an unmatched "regalness" in these striking artisan armors. Every piece reflects our dedication to detail, handcrafting, and hand-stitching, using the finest materials to create prestigious armor sets.

     Please Be Aware that there are low-quality imitation samurai armor for sale through other websites, social media and auction sites. These sellers have copied many of our older, and lower resolution, photos in order to sell their own inferior products, as well as copying those from other armories. Please do not be fooled by these poorly-made knock-off armors. Unfortunately, you will likely get less than what you pay for.  You can review our blog to see images and read stories about these “factories”. If you have any doubts, ask to see more detailed pictures and photos of the crafting process. Visit our social media pages to follow our progress over the years and read our client reviews via a 3rd party site.  As you can see from our site, we take all of our own photos and have watermarked them to help stop copyright infringements. Please note that Iron Mountain Armory does not sell direct, we will always refer you to one of our dealers! Please review our FAQ page for more details and images of these armor scams.